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3 Luther and Bach in Eisenach Details

Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach: their birthdays may be almost 200 years apart, but their names often uttered in the same breath. As it would happen, their life’s journeys both brought them through the city of Eisenach, where they both spent their childhood and youth. During that time, they attended the Latin School and sang in the St. George’s Choir.

“Luther’s hymns have ruined more souls than his writings and words,” was the cry of the Counter Reformation. Almost all of Luther’s hymns found their way into an influential place among Bach’s compositions. One could say that the teachings of Luther took root in his heart and life.

Stations in the lives of Luther and Bach are brought to life through visiting sites that were important for the one, the other, or for both in their childhood and youth (and beyond).

Stops (with guided tour / accompaniment) as a part of a city tour is possible:

  • At St. George’s church (1€ per person)
  • At the Bach House (museum entrance fee)
  • At the Luther House (museum entrance fee)

Length of time: 1,5-2 hours. With the Bach House (including an instrumental presentation) approximately 3 hours.


  • 130.00 €/Group, 30.00 €/Additional Hour/Group
  • Special conditions for small groups on demand
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