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Eisenach // "... my dear city"

“My dear city” is what Luther called Eisenach, the city where he spent time as a school kid and later where he found protection within the walls of the Wartburg Castle. And, it was in that castle, where he translated the New Testament into German.

From 1498 to 1501, the young Martin attended the Georgenschule (St. George’s School) and was a boarder with the well-to-do family by the name of Cotta. Many of his relatives also lived in and around Eisenach.

After Luther courageously refused to recant his writings at the Diet of Worms in 1521 and was subsequently declared an outlaw and a marked man, the Elector of Saxony, Frederick the Wise, staged a kidnapping and brought Luther to the Wartburg Castle. Luther let his hair and beard grow and wore the knight’s garb, transforming himself into “Knight George”. In the Winter of 1521-22, he translated the New Testament into German from the safety of his confines.

Later on, Luther visited Eisenach several times including his 1529 stop over on the way to the Marburg Colloquy.

Offered tours:

… where Martin Luther crammed Latin vocabulary words, sang in the children’s choir, preached in St. George’s church – in spite of house arrest, and later made history in the Wartburg Castle.

Length of Time: 1.5 – 2 Hours

  • In English: 130 EUR /Group (max. 30 pers.)
    EUR 30.00/Group for each additional hour
  • With a visit of St. George’s church as availability allows: an additional EUR 1/Person

Seasonal offerings (July – September 11:00-11:30 a.m. Mon. – Sat.: Organ concert in St. George’s church – donations requested

Inquire about prices for individuals and groups up to 10 persons.
Special conditions for small groups on demand

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Where else can you imagine Luther’s rise from student to outlaw and bible translator better than from the city of Eisenach to “Luther’s Castle” the Wartburg Castle? Accompanied by words of Luther, we will pass by authentic Luther-sites from his time in school on our way to the place of his supposed imprisonment of one year where he worked as translator of Holy Scripture.

Take Note: The hike rises approx. 600 ft in altitude. in a short distance. Make sure you have appropriate footwear!

Length of Time: 3 Hours

  • In English: EUR 160.00/Group (max. 30 pers.)
    EUR 35.00/Group for each additional hour
  • Special conditions for small groups on demand
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Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach: their birthdays may be almost 200 years apart, but their names often uttered in the same breath. As it would happen, their life’s journeys both brought them through the city of Eisenach, where they both spent their childhood and youth. During that time, they attended the Latin School and sang in the St. George’s Choir.

“Luther’s hymns have ruined more souls than his writings and words,” was the cry of the Counter Reformation. Almost all of Luther’s hymns found their way into an influential place among Bach’s compositions. One could say that the teachings of Luther took root in his heart and life.

Stations in the lives of Luther and Bach are brought to life through visiting sites that were important for the one, the other, or for both in their childhood and youth (and beyond).

Stops (with guided tour / accompaniment) as a part of a city tour is possible:

  • At St. George’s church (1€ per person)
  • At the Bach House (museum entrance fee)
  • At the Luther House (museum entrance fee)

Length of time: 1,5-2 hours. With the Bach House (including an instrumental presentation) approximately 3 hours.


  • 130.00 €/Group, 30.00 €/Additional Hour/Group
  • Special conditions for small groups on demand
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St. George, St. Nicholas, St. Anne, St. Elizabeth, and the Preachers’ Churches… – more than just a normal church tour!

“Places of Quietude” – we will visit two to three Eisenach churches. In one of them, your Lutherfinder will have devotions with you. If you’d like, you or your group can prepare and hold your own devotions.

Aside from a brief overview of the history and architecture of these Eisenach churches, you will learn something about selected pieces of ecclesiastical art and furnishings and their religious symbolism – in addition, you will learn about contemporary congregational life.
We invite you to join in a moment of quiet reflection, a song, a prayer, and maybe even a few thoughts about something Martin Luther wrote or said.

Topical City Tours with Visits to Various Churches
Length of Time: 1.5 – 2 Hours

  • In German: EUR 100.00/Group (max. 30 pers.) EUR 30.00/Group for each additional hour
  • In English: EUR 130.00/Group (max. 30 pers.) EUR 35.00/Group for each additional hour
  • When visiting St. George’s church, there is an additional entrance fee of EUR 1,00/Person.
  • Special conditions for small groups on demand
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The ideal combination of a city tour and a museum visit.
New as of 27 September 2015!

We will take you on a guided tour to selected sites in town that are associated with Martin Luther. In the process, your LutherFinder will prepare you for your visit of the restored Luther House. You will become acquainted with the new museum concept. Together with us, you will discover the highlights of the new permanent exhibition „Luther and the Bible“.

Duration: ca. 2 hours
Price: 130.00 €  (English)/ Group (max. 30)
Special price for the Luther House: 5 € per person (for groups of 10 or more, for smaller groups: 6 € per person)
Also: Tour of the Georgenkirche (depending on availability, 1 € per person)
Special conditions for small groups on demand!

Can be booked during the opening hours of the Luther House:
April - October: Mon - Sun 10am - 5pm
Nov. - March: Tue - Sun 10am - 5pm
Information at:

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The whole world talks about the Great Reformer. Finally, the woman behind the man has a chance to be heard: Katharina von Bora. She was a confident and intelligent woman, a runaway nun, manager of the German family-run firm known as “Luther”, the “Morning Star” of Wittenberg and “Mr. Katie”, mother, preacher, wife, and “dearest”…
Costumed tour with Katharina von Bora (Alexandra Husemeyer) through the historic parts of Eisenach and the Luther House.

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The very talkative Lady Johanna of the honorable house Cotta will tell you many a story about the young Luther, who was taken in as a boarder by the pious Mrs. Ursula Cotta during his industrious time as a pupil of the Latin School. She is also able to share a quite a bit about “Knight George” up in the Wartburg Castle as well as other interesting insights about Eisenach during the time of the Great Reformer: from pious school masters and docile pupils, monks and nuns, uprising peasants, the new teachings of Dr. Martin Luther as well as some of the odd customs in Eisenach.

Duration: 1,5 h
Cost: 140.00 €
Special conditions for small groups on demand

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