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Mühlhausen // “The Arch-Heretic’s Nest”, as the Princes found out

In 1524-25, Thomas Müntzer lived and worked in Mühlhausen and made it to be the center of the more radical powers of the Reformation. The pastor, whom Luther originally encouraged, developed over the years into an “enthusiast”, who wanted to push through the Reformation and its societal changes through violent means. This was something that Luther rejected and urged against the use of violence. He wasn’t able to stop the historical development, however, that led to the Peasants’ War. In 1525, Thomas Müntzer was captured during the Battle of Bad Frankenhausen, tortured at the Wasserburg Heldrungen, and executed before the gates of the city of Mühlhausen on May 27th.

Martin Luther himself never set foot in Mühlhausen. In spite of this fact of history, the city is still closely connected to the Reformation.

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