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Jena // "When I arrived in Jena, I found everything to be in chaos... "

Martin Luther spent time in Jena on numerous occasions between 1522 and 1527. He preached in the city church of St. Michael and participated in disputations with the Reformers Andreas Karlstadt and Ulrich Zwingli. Jena is also known as one of the most important publishing locations for the Luther Bible, edited by one of Luther’s students, Georg Rörer, starting in 1533. The university itself is a result of the Reformation. It was founded in 1548 for the Thuringian region, which was separated from the Electoral Saxony after the Protestant defeat in the Schmalkaldic War.

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In Jena, the Reformation became a milestone in its historical development. The Great Reformer not only spent many days and nights in the little city on the Saale river, but with the founding of the university Jena became the “site of true Lutheranism.” Why Luther’s original tombstone slab became a well-kept treasure of the city church is something you will experience on this guided tour.

 Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours

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The Duchess of Saxony has arrived in modern times by accident after reading Nostradamus. She is amazed by all the changes, like “stones” everywhere on ways and places. With great admiration she tells her listeners about the achievements of her beloved husband John Frederick the Magnanimous
as well as the occurrences around Martin Luther in Jena. At the same time her guests see still existing historical treasures and locations from the early 16th century.

1,5 - 2 hours

Eur 125,00/group (max.25 persons)

Eur 2,00 pro each another person

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